Easy Return Policy

Enjoy maximum freedom on online shopping. We have simple & easy return policy for our honorable customer’s.

1. You can back your money just submit a Return Request. The request must will before the processing your order. You can anytime check your order status by login your account with us under my account menu. If your order status is pending or on hold, so you can able to get refund your money. Kindly not that’s when you will submit a Return request will be detect following charges:

1.       5% of order amount will be charge.

2.       Minimum Charge BDT 10/= Only

3.       Maximum Charge: 200/= Only

NB: You shall be responsible for payment of all fees/costs/charges associated with the purchase of products from the Site and you agree to bear any and all applicable taxes as per prevailing law.

2. You will be able to refund your order at free of charge for following reason:

(i)Receive wrong item, (ii) Physical Damage goods, (iii) Date expired Goods, (iv) Damage on delivery.  (v) Replacement Warranty and (vi)Others, Specific.

The service is not avail after leaving Currier office. But Replacement Warranty is out of this tram. You just return goods to sender Currier address.  The Currier charge we will pay, so, use (To Pay) option. We are recurring to you; please contact with us before return your order. Kindly call to us 09600111259 or 01980055511, or send email to [email protected].