Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions


Thank you for choosing Pepbis.com for online shopping. We are providing maximum freedom and hassle free secured online shopping.  Please read our full trams & conditions for know about our policy and details about your rights in pepbis.com.

Please read the following carefully, by using the site and pepbis.com service you are agreeing to these terms:

1. Introductions:

Pepbis.com is international standard e-commerce shop. Our official website is www.pepbis.com. Pepbis.com is owned by PEPBIS Trade International. It’s Sole-proprietorship Company of Bangladesh and working science 2012. Pepbis.com is user friendly online shop.

2. Account:

We are requiring to our all customer use actual information while creating you user account. Any person will be able to creating new account with us using by internet. We may require that you create an account with us. We may at any time in our sole and absolute discretion, invalidate the username and/or password without giving any reason or prior notice and shall not be liable or responsible for any losses suffered by, caused by, arising out of, in connection with or by reason of such request or invalidation.

Please Read our Corporate Rules and Regulations for details information about this.

4. Order & Returns:

You have must need an account for order in pepbis.com. After submitting your order you can see status pending. It’s our default status. The status will change after the review by pepbis.com staffs. We will receive your order within next 24 hours. Our staffs take your order for its processing after the contact with customers. We are use only registered information with pepbis.com for contact with you. Our official contact method is Phone, SMS, E-mail, and Facebook Message option. We have resaved rights to cancel any order.

     (a)Easy Return Policy

Enjoy maximum freedom on online shopping. We have simple & easy return policy for our honorable customer’s.

You can back your money just submit a Return Request. The request must will before the processing your order. You can anytime check your order status by login your account with us under my account menu. If your order status is pending or on hold, so you can able to get refund your money. Kindly not that’s when you will submit a Return request will be detect following charges:

1.      5% of order amount will be charge.

2.      Minimum Charge BDT 10/= Only

3.      Maximum Charge: 200/= Only


NB: You shall be responsible for payment of all fees/costs/charges associated with the purchase of products from the Site and you agree to bear any and all applicable taxes as per prevailing law.


You will be able to refund your order at free of charge for following reason:

(I)Receive wrong item, (ii) Physical Damage goods, (III) Date expirer Goods, (IV) Damage on delivery.  (V) Replacement Warranty and (VI) Others, Specific.

The service is not avail after leaving currier office. But Replacement Warranty is out of this tram. You just return goods to sender currier address.  The currier charge we will pay, so, use (To Pay) option. We are recurring to you; please contact with us before return your order. Kindly call to us 09600111259 or 01980055511, or send email to [email protected].  

     (b)Payment information

You can make your payment using our all scoured payment option. Your payment must be paid when you please your order and full amount will charge in one transaction. Kindly check your account balance or credit limit before the summiting order. If your balance is less then checkout amount, so your transaction defiantly will be decline. Kindly not remember that’s’ we are accept only 3D secreted Debit/Credit Cards. Many local bank of Bangladesh already activated the service. This is two factor authention. It’s just for keep secured your money and protect unexpected transaction via your card. If your card is not under 3D, so you can not able to use on our system. So, there contact your banks branch staff for upgrading you card from 2D to 3D.

     (B-1)International Cards Payments:

You have to need verified with our system for payment through International Branded cards. Its meaning 

We are accepting following payment methods:

a.       Debit/Credit Card (Local & International)

b.      Mobile Banking

c.       Internet Banking

d.      E-wallet

e.       Bank Transfer                  

Warranty Policy

PEPBIS is committed to her customer for providing best quality products. We have two kinds of warranty facilities such as Brand/Manufacturer Warranty and PEPBIS Warranty.

All these warranty facilities give you limited warranty rights from PEPBIS.COM, or the Brand/manufacturer Company for the duration specified on the product description page. The Warranty is for various month or year and depending on products.  Time Period starts on the date of purchase from PEPBIS.COM. Our all warranty is for limited time and the limited warranty applies to the physical product, and only for physical products, purchased from PEPBIS.COM.


1.      Kind of warranty:

·         Brand/Manufacturer Warranty

·         PEPBIS Warranty

2.      What Does Brand/Manufacture Warranty Cover?

In case of “Brand Warranty/Manufacturer Warranty”, customers are requested to communicate with the brand/manufacturer authorized Customer to avail after sales service. If you are unable to communicate with the brand and/or manufacturer so you can directly communicate with PEPBIS customer Service. We will ensure the collection of your product and safely contact the Brand/ Manufacturer on behalf of you to avail to your service warranty. Kindly keep your invoice and warranty card safely for avail this service. Otherwise you can’t avail this service.

Note: For avail these warranty also approval Brand/Manufacturer warranty trams and policy. If you unable to get warranty Brand/Manufacturer issue so we are not responsible for it.   

3.      What Does PEPBIS Warranty Cover?

Pepbis.com want you to have an absolutely hassle-free shopping experience. We assure you that all Products sold on pepbis.com are brand new. In case the Products you have received is 'Damaged', 'Defective' or 'Not as Described', you can return it within 7 days and we will solve your problem within 3 days (Outside Dhaka 5 days), after receiving your notification. You can have Replacement or Refund.

PEPBIS warranty is our official replacement warranty for limited time. The warranty will provide by us in various goods. You will avail the warranty by the following trams:

·         You received a physically damaged Product

·         You are unhappy with the Products quality

·         The Product is different from description on the website

·         Damage within replacement time from description on the website

·         Invalid order or received wrong Item

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